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Rules and Regulations


Use and Interpretation

These are the rules for using and understanding the online betting site. They are part of the terms and conditions you agree to when using the site.

Applying the Rules

These rules apply to all bets made on the site. There are general rules for everyone, but sometimes there are special rules for specific sports. If there is a conflict between the general rules and the specific sports rules, the specific sports rules win.

Your Responsibility

Before placing a bet, you should know all the rules that apply to the market you're interested in. If you use the "one-click" option to bet, you are responsible for any mistakes you make, and the site is not responsible for those errors.


Things Beyond Control

The site is not responsible if you lose money or face damage because of things like natural disasters, power cuts, government actions, or technical issues. In such cases, the site can cancel or stop access to the site without being held responsible.

Technological Failures

If there's a technical issue and you notice it, you must tell the site right away. If you still place a bet despite the issue, you need to do what you can to minimize potential losses. If you don't, the site can cancel the bet. The site can also limit your access or cancel bets in case of technical problems that affect the site's fairness, whether under their control or not. The site will inform users if such issues affect their ability to place bets or if existing bets will be canceled.